18-year-old Boy Beheads His Girlfriend In Abeokuta

An 18-year-old boy was arrested in Abeokuta alongside 3 of his friends for strangling and beheading his girlfriend, Rofiat.

Soliu Majekodumi (boyfriend) 17-year-old Wariz Oladeinde, 19-year-old Abdulgafar Lukman, and Mustakeem Balogun we’re caught burning Rofiat’s head in a pot by the police after a security guard in the area reported a suspicious activity.

Soliu confessed to inviting Rofiat to his house on Friday evening, the 28th of January and killing her; with the help of his friends for ritual purposes. He packed her body in a sack and dumped it in an abandoned building and was burning her head in a pot when the police arrested them.

Soliu Majekodumi, 18

Rofiat’s Family Reacts To Her Death

Speaking to pressmen, Miss Okeowo, the older sister of the deceased, said her sister had been cooking for the family on Friday evening when she took permission from her to step out briefly. Okeowo said she called her sister at 8:30 to confirm she would be returning home that night to which she responded in the affirmative. She called her sister again at 10pm only to discover her number was no longer reachable.

“I asked her mother if she had seen her daughter, she said no. The following morning, I asked her mother again and she gave the same response. It was later in the day that I heard a lady was killed and beheaded in the community. I was suspicious at that moment since I had not seen Rofiat.”

Okeowo speaks on her little sister, Rofiat’s murder

She said she recognised one of the faces when the video of the suspect’s confession went viral. It was at that moment that she took her sister’s photo to the police and she was told her sister had been murdered. Okeowo told pressmen that she is yet to tell their mother the horrible news because she is hypertensive and the shock may be too much for her to bear.

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