22-Year-Old Woman Last Seen In A BRT Is Found Dead

22-year-old Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwola was reported missing on a Saturday the 26th of February. Miss Oluwabamise worked as a tailor at Chevron and had boarded a BRT (Lagos Bus Rapid Transit) from Chevron to Oshodi at 7 pm with the intent to pay a surprise visit to her brother. Moments after Bamise Ayanwola boarded the bus, she suspected she was unsafe because she and the driver were the only people in the bus and he hadnā€™t stopped to pick up any other passengers. Sensing danger, she sent a WhatsApp voice-note to her friends telling them that she felt unsafe and sent the BRT number to them asking them to pray for her.

Moments later Bamise informed her friends that the driver had picked up 3 more passengers, 2 men and a woman and that she would be alighting at Oworonshoki. That was the last time her friends and family heard from her. When they called her number and it was unreachable, they assumed her phone may have gone off due to a low battery. To clear all doubts, they went to the BRT station at Oshodi hoping to find her, all to no avail.

Her family reported the case to the police and officials at BRT station. A social media campaign was launched by her friends to raise awareness about Bamiseā€™s disappearance. This led to the exposure of the BRT Bus Driverā€™s identity, 46-year-old Mr Nice Andrew Omininikokon.

Bamiseā€™s Body Is Found

Bamiseā€™s body was spotted at Lagos Island by an unknown man who called the attention of the Ebutte Ero Police station on the same Saturday she was abducted. Her family was called to identify her body on Monday, 7th of March. Sources claim that the driver has been found and arrested.

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