Bizzare: Man Stabs His ‘Friend’ Repeatedly In The Chest For Being Late

The bizarre news in Russia has it that a man repeatedly stabbed his friend in the heart for arriving a day late for their meeting. The incident happened in a train station.

A passenger at a train station was filming what appeared to be a row between two possibly drunk pals when the shocking incident happened on camera.

In the clip, the man uses a homemade weapon to kill his mate after an apparent row over punctuality. The video shows the last moments of the man, who traveled more than 700 miles from the city of Tyumen in the central Russian Tyumen Oblast region, to see his friend. But his drunk-looking friend was furious after he arrived a day late at the railway station in the city of Kirov.

Footage shows the other man, who wears a green jacket, turning and rummaging in his bag. He then turns around and hits the other man twice in the middle of the chest with what appears to be a homemade blade. The first blow doesn’t seem to affect the man but after the second he can be seen grabbing his chest in pain.

He then falls to the ground while the man in the green jacket calmly sits and watches him. It is thought he used a makeshift knife, known as a shiv or a shank, to kill his friend.

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