DNA Tests Shows 70% Kids Not Born By Men They Call Father In Zimbabwe

Majority of women in Zimbabwe may be lying about the paternity of their children if the new DNA results in the country are anything to go by , reports say .As many as 70 per cent of men in the country are probably not the biological fathers of children they thought were theirs.

According to a paternity test outfit, Global DNA Zimbabwe, which released its finding , testing results for the last 16 months and most of the results were negative .Global DNA principal consultant , Tinashe Mugabe, confirmed the revelations and say that as many as 60 couples come for testing every month nationwide , with the majority testing negative .

Of the people that went for DNA tests in January this year , for example , 84 percent of the men proved not to be the fathers of the children involved .“ The majority of people are living in the dark . They don’ t know if they are truly the fathers. .
“ Some people just have an attitude that they just don’ t want to have a test but truth be told , the mother has already told the real father about the child and by not wanting to take responsibility they will leave that other man to take care of the child , paying for school and maybe university . .
“ Imagine after university he comes and says the child is his , the disappointment , the pain , ” he said.

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