Flavour And I Have A Good Chemistry –Chidinma Ekile


I am from Imo State but I grew up in Ketu, Lagos. I have six siblings. Things were not easy for me while growing up. I never had all the things I wanted as a child but my parents did their best to make us comfortable.


I had both my elementary and post-elementary education in Ketu. I was about sitting for post-UME when I went for Project Fame and that stalled my education.

Project Fame

I was excited to be the first female to win Project Fame in 2010. During the show, I was asked if I thought a girl could win and I said yes. I didn’t want a guy to win that edition of the competition; I was rooting for either me or Yetunde to take the prize home.


It is true that I have not released music for a while. I just felt the need to take a break in order to restructure and to be sure of the kind of music I should put out. I also needed to form a team after leaving Capital Hill Music.

Capital Hill Music

Leaving Capital Hill Music was not an easy decision for me to make because we were like a family. However, change is constant and I needed to move on. I miss the friendship, the laughter and fun. I didn’t have issues with the company; my contract expired and I decided not to renew it. I have my own record company now, Fortified Music. Initially, it was not easy for me to manage all the responsibilities that came my way but things are getting better now as I have a team working with me. I am the only artiste presently signed to the label, but there are plans to sign artistes.

Current projects

My new song, Love Me, was produced by Oscar. The inspiration came up when we were talking about love in the studio; it is not a personal experience. I just released the video of the song and the reception has been awesome.


There would always be challenges or rough periods but I have never thought of quitting music. Music is what I love to do. Even when I was not doing much musically, I didn’t have the fear that I would lose my fans. I am passionate about what I do and I know that my fans are passionate about me too. When your fans love you unconditionally, there is no need to panic or be afraid.


I would credit my staying power to God because a lot of people who came before and after me are no longer relevant. I cannot really explain what I am doing right, but I am certain that God has a hand in my growth in music. As a child, I never even knew I would become a musician, talk less of being famous. I thought I would be a broadcaster.


I was never signed to Flavour’s record company and I wasn’t in a relationship with him. However, I have been involved in some projects with him because we have a good chemistry. Working with him is fun and less stressful.

Kiss Daniel

I don’t like to speak about my relationship or love life in public. There is nothing to talk about me and Kiss Daniel; people can say anything they want to say. Whether I am in a relationship with him or not, everyone will get to know later. I find it weird that I am always linked to one musician or the other. At times, it takes extra effort for me to convince people that certain reports about me are untrue.

KORA Awards

Winning the award meant a lot to me and it made me more popular in other African countries. A lot of things changed for me after winning KORA. It even came at a time I didn’t think I could win such a big award. That is one thing I will always be grateful to God for.


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