Four Men Arrested By Gambian Police For Protesting The Pollution Of Gunjur Sea By A Chinese Company

According to this Twitter user, Four men who protested the pollution of Gunjur sea by a Chinese fish meal company were arrested by the Gambian police. She tweeted

Police arrested these four young men in the #Gambia after one of them delivered a speech protesting against the pollution of the ocean by a Chinese company. Such injustices are caused by systems that take more than the downfall of a dictator to fix.

She also revealed that the Chinese company, Golden Lead reinstalled their waste pumps and put up their flag after the pumps were removed by youths of the community

The Chinese fish meal company Golden Lead dumps its waste in the Gunjur Sea polluting the sea which is a source of income to over 2000 families. Few weeks ago, Gambian youths removed the waste pumps but the Chinese reinstalled them along with their country’s flag

Four men arrested by Gambian police for protesting the pollution of Gunjur sea by a Chinese company

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