Helicopter Crash Survivor Killed By Helicopter Sent To Rescue Him

A man has been killed by helicopter blades when the aircraft flipped over during a dramatic rescue mission.

Horrific footage captured the moment the man and another were being rescued after their own helicopter crashed in a remote part of the southwestern Cauca District in Colombia.

Both men had been stranded in the hillside for seven days after their craft broke down with technical issues.

They had managed to survive for the week before another chopper was sent out to find them and retrieve their crashed helicopter, which had been carrying valuable equipment. .

The video shows two technicians standing next to the remains of their downed helicopter, waving their hands to direct the rescuing helicopter safely to the ground. .

The victim, Ivan Andrés López Londoño, can be seen in white with his arms in the air as the black helicopter descends. Suddenly, the aircraft tips to the side and rolls over, with López hit by the rotating blades just out of shot.

López, who reportedly worked as a maintenance manager for the helicopter company, died at the scene. The pilot suffered a wrist injury and bruising when the helicopter overturned, and was transferred to hospital.

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