#JusticeForDonDavis: Court Orders Arrest of 5 Adults & Trial of 2 Minors In Deeper Life High School Bullying Case

Don Davis before he resumed school and after he was picked up by his mother

The Vice Principal, Principal and 3 Housemasters of the Deeper Life High School Uyo have been arrested and detained in connection with the physical and sexual abuse of a JS1 student, Don Davis Achibong.

The story of Don Davis made national headlines in January 2021 after his mother called on the public to help her seek justice for her 11-year-old son. Giving an update via her Facebook page, Ames. Achibong said the court has ordered arrests of the staff involved in punishing her son by moving him from the junior to the senior hostel where he was subjected to abuse.

The students who carried out the act are set to be tried at a juvenile court. Read Don Davis’ story here.

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