Lagos State Government Seals Dowen College

The Lagos State Government has sealed off Dowen College, a day and boarding secondary school in Lekki. The decision was taken after a 12-year-old student, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr., died from injuries sustained as a result of bullying in the school.

According to an eye witness, Sylvester Oromoni Junior was beat up by 6 senior boys on the 27th of November for telling school authorities that he was being bullied in the previous term. The 6 bullies threatened to kill anyone who disclosed the horrible event to school authorities and told them to say Sylvester got injured while playing football. This was the same story the young Sylvester told his parents until he finally confessed the truth with his dying breath.

The child’s father, Sylvester Oromoni told Punch News that Sylvester Jnr. was given a chemical to drink by the same bullies and that doctors found a black liquid in his stomach after his death.

Watch the 30 minute interview with Punch News Here.

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