Late Dowen College Student Had Reported His Bullies To The School Authorities, Father Alleges

A 12-year-old student of Dowen College, Lagos was declared dead on the 29th of November, days after receiving beatings from his seniors at school. Having been taken home for alleged football injuries, the late Sylvester Oromoni Junior confessed the true circumstances of his fatal injuries to his mother only moments before drawing his last breath.

According to the child, 5 of his seniors had beat him up and given him ‘a chemical’ to drink because he refused to join a cult. In a conversation with The Cable, the deceased’s father explained that the accused students had been reported to the school last term for bullying his child.

My son suffered. His birthday is next tomorrow (Dec 4). I’ll celebrate it. I’ll have a cake baked. I’ll cut it on his behalf. The boys they mentioned were also reported to the school last term when they bullied Junior and collected all his foodstuffs; clothes. I have two daughters, one of whom earlier graduated. I had to remove the second after this incident. They asked this boy to describe the sister’s privates and this got to us.

Mr Sylvester Oromoni speaks to The Cable about the murder of his child, Sylvester Jnr.

Mr Oromoni also said that the accused students have been withdrawn from the school and plans are underway to fly them abroad. The distraught father says he believes the school is trying to protect their image by insisting the child was not bullied and sustained his injuries during a game of football.

Dowen College Issues A Statement On Sylvester Oromoni Junior’s Death

In a statement issued by the Principal of Dowen College insists the school has strong policies against bullying and so Sylvester could not have been bullied. Read the statement below.

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