Monkey Dressed As Girl, Begs On Road Side

Monkey dressed as girl, begs on road side .

A monkey has been filmed in Bogor, Indonesia, wearing a suffocating mask as it asked drivers for money at the side of the road. .

On his head, the monkey wears a giant female doll mask complete with pony-tailed blonde hair and sunglasses.

Clutching a blue bucket to collect money, the monkey stands and looks around at the drivers, waiting for anyone who might be willing to offer some payment for his act.

Its bizarre performance is accompanied by traditional music. The bizarre clip was posted widely on Facebook and has divided viewers. Many have slated the cruelty towards the monkey. .

The incident is part of a traditional street performance known as Topeng Monyet, translated as Monkey’s Mask. It’s a controversial form of entertainment that sees captive macaque forced to dress as human and perform stunts such as riding bicycles.

They’re chained by their neck and videos online show them being yanked cruelly whilst performing for the public.


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