National Assembly To Hold ’Emergency’ Joint Session Over Political Tension

The two chambers of the national assembly have agreed to hold a joint session over the political tension in the country today June 5th.

The Cable reports that some members of the National Assembly held a meeting last night over the recent assaults people perceived to be enemies of the Buhari administration have faced.
In the meeting that stretched all through the night, some senators proposed that an impeachment move should be commenced against President Buhari. An insider at the meeting said the national assembly leaders in attendance were “very jittery” when the option of impeachement was mentioned as recent events in the polity “have instilled fear in them”. Melaye was the most vocal of the lawmakers in attendance. He teased the “jittery” senators, telling them Buhari would soon come after them whether or not they defected from APC. “Dino told Ekweremadu (PDP) that he was wasting his time thinking Buhari would pipe down. He also accused Senator Godswill Akpabio (PDP) of spending money like water as if that would solve his problem,” another senator that attended the meeting said

Some were of the opinion that the best time for the APC senators to defect is now, insisting that public sympathy was with the opposition with the “persecution of those perceived to be politically opposed to Buhari”. It was then resolved that a joint executive session would be held on Tuesday to agree on an appropriate response.

The session will be closed to the public including the media.

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