Nini Returns To Big Brother’s House. See Saga’s Reaction

After more than 24 hours, Nini has finally returned to Big Brother’s House —well, as far as the housemates know.

Big Brother gave Nini a secret task on Tuesday to slip out of the house at midnight. Nini silently made her way out of the common area and into a secluded room in Big Brother’s house. Her sudden disappearance left the housemates confused and Saga heartbroken.

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Nini Returns To Big Brother’s House

At about 4 am this morning, Nini slipped out of her secret room and back into the house. Pere was the first housemate to spot her and he quickly alerted grieving Saga of her return. The duo ran into the blue room to behold the 9th wonder of Biggie’s house, asleep on the bed —lol.

Their excitement soon enough alerted some of the other housemates who were surprised at her return. Nini insisted that she had been in the house the whole time and they just couldn’t see her. She goes on to relay some conversations that were had in her absence, but the housemates are not deceived.

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