“No Men, No Stress”; 106-Year-Old Woman Reveals The Secret Of Her Long Life

An aged woman Madeline Dye celebrated her 106th birthday and revealed the secret of her long life ­— no men. She has never even been on a date and reckons that’s helped her avoid the “stresses” that come with relationships and marriage.

Madeline was born in Heeley, South Yorks, in 1912 — the year the Titanic sank — and never moved away.The retired bookbinder lived alone until the age of 103 when a fall meant she had to move into a care home.
Up until then she regularly cooked herself steak and chops in dripping and kept herself busy around the house.Madeline marked her 106th birthday with a family trip to Baslow, Derbyshire, and a party at her care home.

Her niece Diana Heaton, 80, said: “Whenever anyone asks her about her past romances or if she has a husband she says, ‘I’ve never had one, that’s why I’m this age. I’ve not had the stresses’. “She’s always had a great sense of humour.”
Madeline’s long life may also be down to walking miles to and from work each day.

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