Police Arrest Oduduwa University’s Founder Over Alleged Ritual Killing Of Student, Adegoke Stephen Oludare

The Nigerian police have arrested the founder of Oduduwa University, Dr. Rahman Adedoyin and 5 others as suspects in the murder of Adegoke Stephen Oludare.

Adegoke Stephen Oludare was a post graduate student of the Obafemi Awolowo University before he was gruesomely murdered. He had travelled from Abuja to Ile-Ife to sit for his examination at the OAU distance learning centre, Moro, Osun State on November 5th. Attempts to reach him after his arrival in Osun state by his family members were unsuccessful and he was declared missing on November 7th. Oludare was initially presumed to have been kidnapped from the airport but investigations by the Nigerian police revealed he had lodged at the Hilton Resort Hotel in Osun; a hotel owned by Dr. Rahman Adedoyin.

Victim: Adegoke Stephen Oludare

Police Find Adegoke Stephen Oludare’s Body

According to police reports, Dr. Adedoyin told the police during investigations that the deceased had not lodged at the hotel. The police were however, able to establish that Oludare had reserved a room at the hotel on the 5th of November. Further investigations led the police to shallow grave near the hotel where Oludare’s remains were wrapped in bloodied hotel sheets and buried.

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