Siblings Use Sex Tape With Reverend Father To Blackmail Nun

Siblings use sex tape with reverend father to blackmail nun

A teacher at Handmads International Catholic School, Aguda, Lagos, and her blood sister have been arrested for threatening to kill the school’s head-teacher, a Reverend Sister. .

The suspects have confessed that they wanted to teach Sister Mary Okolo, a bitter lesson for her highhandedness. The suspects are Ngozi Nnabude, 46, and Uchenna Agagwaonye, 40.

The Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, said investigation into the case revealed Agagwaonye, was frustrated by what she termed ‘highhandedness’ of Okolo and decided to make life miserable for her.

“They conspired to put her under constant fear of imminent danger. When the threat to maim, kidnap, kill and expose her unfounded secret sex life was continuous, Okolo reported the matter to the police.

Investigation revealed that Agagwaonye’s job was to monitor Okolo and pass information gathered to her sister, Ngozi, who now called the Rev. Sister to tell her movement. .

She used to tell the nun such threat messages like: ‘I can see you, you are putting on this and type of clothes and shoe, you are in so and so place, you can’t hide from us and you will be killed soon.” .

However, Agagwaonye said: “I have been teaching in that school for over 18 years. But Rev. Sister Okolo just joined us recently. I run a part time programme with University of Lagos. .

Before I went for leave, I went through the normal application process, but when I resumed, she deducted N12,000 from my salary. Six months later, we had an argument and I was given a letter of suspension.

All these didn’t make me happy.” She further alleged that Okolo angrily sacked a security guard who caught her having sex with a Rev. Father. Okolo also allegedly sacked some other teachers. .

“I don’t want to kidnap or kill her. I sent the messages to her so that she would calm down on her wickedness. I don’t even have any sex tape, but the laptop repairer whom she gave her laptop to fix, has video clips of her nudity,” she added.


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