Sudanese Man Believed To Be Responsible For Westminster’s Terror Attack

A Sudanese man identified as Salih Khater is believed to be behind the Westminster terror attack yesterday . The Sudanese immigrant from Birmingham was identified by the Daily Mail as being the man who was arrested after a car was deliberately driven at cyclists and then a barrier at the Houses of Parliament. Houses in the West Midlands are being searched following the crash which saw two police officers diving for cover as he drove at them.

Fortunately nobody was killed in the incident and only one person was seriously injured. Police said that the 29-year-old, who was a UK citizen but of Sudanese origin, was not co-operating with them, however when he was arrested he seemed to go peacefully.

He spent around 90 minutes driving around Whitehall and Westminster, but prior to that he was cruising around central London. Between 1.25am and 5.55am his car was seen visiting tourist hotspots including Tottenham Court Road. He lived in the Hall Green area of Birmingham in what has been described as a rundown flat above an internet cafe and travelled to London shortly after midnight on Monday.

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