Teacher Body Slams Student In Shocking Fight

A teacher was filmed brutally body-slamming one of his students onto a desk after the youngster swung at his face during a classroom bust-up.

Shocking footage shows the educator unleash a flurry of punches as classmates desperately try to break up the brawl. The fight took place after the student squared up to the teacher and challenged him.

A 30-second clip of the altercation shows the teacher standing at the front of the classroom — believed to be in the US — before aggressively shoving the student back.

In response, the student lurches forwards and appears to punch at the teacher’s face, kicking off a bitter fist fight. The adult, in a blue shirt, grabs the pupil and launches him into the air, turning him upside-down before hammering him into a desk.

Other students can be heard screaming and crying out in shock at the sudden explosion of violence. Two male classmates rush to the front and try to break them up as the teacher lands two hard punches on the student’s face.

The footage ends with the pair separated in the corner of the room as one large student weighs in to calm things down. The clip first surfaced on July 31, 2017, but recently blew up online after being shared on World Star Hip Hop page on Thursday

Those involved are not thought to have been identified and the it is not known where the classroom brawl took place.

Watch video below:


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