The Met Gala; Best and Worst Dressed List

What is Camp?

That was the biggest question before and after the Met Gala 2019, as it should be! Fabio Cleto, the author of Camp, and the inspiration behind this year’s met gala theme had said, ” I want people to leave thinking, what is camp? The power and poetry behind camp is -constantly trying to define it.” So, if after scrolling through the the hashtag #metgala last night, you attempted to put the outfits into a category and failed? Then you’re on the right track!

The Best Versions

Without further ado, here are our top 6 looks, in no particular order. These outfits were the most interesting to look at; pun intended, as they graced the pink carpet!

Billy Porter

When I saw Billy, I felt there was no need to look any further …And now my watch is ended_ a tale of the Met Gala Night’s watch. We have our best look right here on a gold platter, literally!


There can never be enough versions of the Cinderella story and Zendaya aptly reminded us of this! From the moment her dress lit up, it was uphill from there! She left no stone unturned, with a fairy god father to match, the exaggerated ball gown, up to the most delicate details; losing her glass slipper on the pink carpet and the precious little carriage purse. Social media lost it over this Tommy Hilfiger look. It was a performance!

Lady Gaga

Gaga! After her 4th look I began to think ‘ what if she goes naked?’ Gaga showed up in a Brandon Maxwell reversible gown and dramatically stripped down from pink to black, in that order, until this dainty lingerie piece.

Jenelle Monae

Staying true to her style, Monae reminded us of the Mad Hatter in the infamous 100 nursery rhymes book I grew up on! – And I mean this in the best possible way. The Singer defined uniqueness and the extent her personal style can get to. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Jared Leto

Jared was the best dressed of the Gucci gang, yeah, I said it! We didn’t expect anything less for GQ’s 2017 best dressed man. You know you look good when you bring yourself as your plus 1!

Kim Kardashian West

Came through dripping ‘drip!’ ‘drip!’ Reminiscing on Kim’s Met Gala 2017 look, I sent her a direct message that read

” Dear Barr. Kim,
I know you are the minimalist style queen, you can #KTSE this year, but think more Gianii Cross Dress and less white Vivienne Westwood dress.
Signed -Anon “

…and she came through with the custom Mugler dress like the beach loving California girl that she is!

Worst Dressed Met Gala 2019 List

These next set of superstar’s also had us buzzing! But in less excited tones.

Ashley Graham

What did Ashley Graham say to the god of fashion? – ‘not today’. Ashley put no effort in with the Gucci blazer. It’s lazy for a pink carpet, red carpet, sand, you name it!

Nicki Minaj

More than anything else, Nicki’s look was uncomfortable for us and for her. The corset was visibly too tight and she was huffing and puffing through interviews. The endless strapped heels, the hair and the makeup all belong to different fashion timelines.

Kris Jenner

Kris dear, I know no-one is gonna say it but Kylie played you! Making you wear that Wendy Williams looking blonde wig? And it seems like you have two outfits on. Id forgive you because of your gift to our generation; Kim, Kylie and Kendall, they all looked stunning.

Karlie Kloss

You have 365 days to look basic but you chose today. You chose the Met Gala. You always look stunning! What happened? Is this a cry for help?

Serena Williams

I laughed when I spotted the Nike shoes! I mean we get it, if Nike gave me $55 million I guess I’d wear Nike’s to the Met Gala too!

Dominique Tar Jackson

‘What I ordered versus what I got’ – Met Gala edition. Dominique has a Nigerian tailor, I don’t care what anybody says! This dress went south in all ramifications! I deliberately put up the sketch so we see how off the mark the dress turned out. Better luck next time.

A Final Note

The Met Gala carpet was glorious to behold. Some evolved beautifully, others didn’t do as much as we’d expected but all the same, it was a wonder to behold. Thank you Eleanor Lambert for bringing such Crea to our screens.I know some disagree with our list, don’t hesitate to vent in the comments section below. Or mention us @sureyarns to share your comments.

Thank you!

Written by : Chika Nwokoma

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