Turkish state news offices hit by Isreal rockets

Turkish state news offices hit by Isreal rockets

The office of Turkey’s state-run news agency in Gaza has been hit by an Israeli airstrike, according to Turkey’s foreign minister on Saturday, describing it as a “new example of Israel’s unrestrained aggression.”

Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes across the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip retaliating for the heavy barrage of rockets fired from Palestinian militants as both parties continue to show hostilities for a second day.

Turkey’s state-media reported that the building where Anadolu Agency is located in Gaza was hit with at least five Israeli rockets after warning shots were fired. No deaths or injuries were reported.

Turkish officials condemned the attack, which is likely to add fuel to already tense relations with Israel.

“Targeting of Anadolu Agency Gaza office is new example of Israel’s unrestrained aggression,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu wrote on Twitter. “Israeli violence against innocent people without distinction is a crime against humanity. Those who encourage Israel are also guilty.”

“We will keep defending the Palestinian cause, even if alone,” he added.

Turkey’s presidential aide Ibrahim Kalin accused Israel of striking Anadolu Agency to “cover up its new crimes.”

There was no immediate comment from Israel.

Earlier Saturday, three Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her one-year-old baby were killed in an Israeli attack, while three Israelis were injured by rocket fire.

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