Why Kennis Music Don’t Sign Artistes Any Longer – Kenny Ogungbe

Kenny Ogungbe, popularly known as Baba Keke, has explained why Kennis Music has been quiet on the signing of artistes in recent times.In an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Baba Keke said, “Kennis Music has decided to look at another aspect of the entertainment business.

We do not want to promote more than one artiste anymore. We had artistes that didn’t want us to renew their contracts and we were also not interested in working with them any longer. Jaywon is a good example.

“We wanted to stop music promotion so that we can focus on our radio station. If we sign an artiste, we have to do promotions, take care of his welfare, do good videos and other things. We are still relevant with Joe El and we are happy with him. But this does not mean music production has ended for Kennis Music.”

On allegations that Kennis Music cheated many artistes, Baba Keke revealed, “The management fees we were collecting on 2Baba was 15 per cent and they said we had eaten all his money. I heard all the things people said about us. Once you are a progressive person, they will say ugly things about you.

“Today, find out what Don Jazzy collects from his artistes. I am certain the management fees can’t be 20 per cent. I have heard about artistes who pay 50 per cent as their management fees and they don’t complain.”

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