Youth Corper Walks Free One Year After Killing Rapist In Self Defense

A Nigerians youth corper, Chidinma Princess Odume walks free one year and two weeks after killing a rapist in self defence.

When Chidinma was arrested on the 10th of January, 2021, she was accused of murdering her alleged boyfriend, Japheth Akwaowo, in cold blood. However, in a statement given to the police, Chidinma insisted she knew nothing about Japheth and killed him in self defence after he threatened to rape and kill her. She revealed to the police that she had been hypnotised by the late Japheth Akwaowo while on an errand. He took her to his house where he asked her to strip down or be killed. She was caught in an attempt to flee the murder scene and was moments away from facing jungle justice when she was rescued by the Akwa Ibom state police.

Days after she had been arrested, another woman; identified as Effiong Scott, who had been raped by Japheth in the past, told her story on Instagram live, corroborating Chidinma’s claims. Watch Effiongs side of the story here.

Chidinma Odume Is Vindicated

While the country had moved on from Chidinma’s puzzling predicament a Journalist, Ruth Essien, continued to investigate the case. In a series of tweets, Ruth describes how she tracked down several other victims of Japheth Akwaowo whose testimonies helped vindicate Chidinma.

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